July 6, 2014

Adventures of the Littlest Pet Shop

My daughters are really beyond the LPS age already, two of them in their teens already and even the youngest one a frisky pre-teen. Still, they (apart from the oldest one who donated all of her LPS pets to the youngest one a couple of years ago) have their LPS pets stashed away in boxes, like treasures.

I was sitting on the patio today, looking at our little garden, thinking once again, that I'd really like to come up with some creative project, to stream my creative energy to something new again (I mean, I already have a half a dozen active blogs; some for mainly writing stuff, others mainly photo-blogs), when it came to me.

The Littlest Pet Shop pets deserved a new life after being forsaken by the girls. So I went to dig out the pets and gave them a chance to do all sorts of cool things in our garden, taking pics of them along the way. The photos are now waiting to be processed and posted here along with their stories.

Today was one day of adventures, only time will tell what all the LPS pets will end up doing!


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