December 30, 2014

Snow fortress

The puppies built a snow fortress they could hide in.  They were having a good ol' time in their fortress, having snow fights and throwing snowballs at the kittens.

Snow kitten

The kitties built a snow kitten in the yard.

December 29, 2014


Hamster, bunny and octopus had some fun sledding down the slopes in their little sleds. Octopus found that a shell makes a very good sled!

December 28, 2014

Apple tree fun

The birdies found a snow crusted apple tree and sat on the branches whistling a happy tune. The monkeys followed the sound and climbed the tree for some hanging around fun.

Sleigh ride

The little pony harnessed herself to a sleigh and took a little monkey girl for a sleigh ride through the white snowy world.

Christmas of the LPS

So it is Christmas... The Littlest Pet Shop animals gathered out to the snowy yard for their yule celebrations, with a little Christmas tree they got from a fallen pine branch. They sang their carols and danced around the Christmas tree and had a jolly good time.